Sulfate Free Base SF2000
New Generation Sulfate Free Base – Mild Surfactants based

New Generation Sulfate Free Base – Gentle Care – Based on Green Surfactants. It can be diluted in the ratio 1:1 with Water. [ Sulfate Free, Paraben Free, Silicon Free ]
Concentrated Sulfate Free BaseBased on Mild Sulfate Free Surfactants, Foam Boosters, Moisturisers & Conditioners. SF-2000 gives excellent Foaming Effect along with Gentle Care. Also, Extracts can be added as per requirement.

• Based on Gentle & Mild Surfactants
• Prevents the Dryness & Rough feel of Hair & Skin.
• Superior Feel & Milder effect
• Strengthens and nourishes the skin/hair
• It helps in giving a Gentle & Caring effect on Hair & Skin
• Reduces Hair Frizziness