Fabric Softener Ester Quat

FAB 100 is a High performance Concentrated Quarternary Ester which can be used in making Textile Softeners &Fabric Conditioners.

Appearance:Pale White – Yellow Creamish Paste

Properties :
• Imparts Excellent Soft Touch to the Fabric
• High Performance Conditioning Effect to the Fabric
• Slows down the process of Ageing of the Fibres of Clothes
• Being a Concentrated Raw Material, can be used for Household or Institutional Products.
• Natural Vegetable Oil Origin Ester, giving a superior feel to the Fabric
• Very Good Rewetting.
• Non Yellowing on Clothing

APPLICATION : FAB 100 a Concentrated Raw Material which can be used for Household or Institutional Products ranging from 4 to 25% Active Matter.