Cosmetic & Personal Care Chemicals

Personal Care & Cosmetic Raw Materials are important ingredient of all of the cosmetic industry. DCI is one of the Pioneer of Personal Care Chemicals in India, Manufacturing & Exporting to more than 16 countries across the globe & have been working with top Companies in India & abroad.

We manufacture High Performance Surfactants, Foam Bossters, Mild Surfactants, Preservatives, Pearlising Agents – SLES, CDEA, CAPB, EGMS, CMEAetc We produce Concentrates - Shampoo Base, Sulfate Free Shampoo Base, Liquid Soap Base, Liquid Detergents, Woollen Wash, Preservatives.

List of Cosmetic Raw Materials
Items Uses
S.L.E.S-Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulphate/Sodium Laureth Sulfate Foaming & Cleansing Shampoo / Detergent Base
SLS - Sodium Lauryl Sulphate Foaming & Cleansing Shampoo/Detergent Base
CDEA - Cocodiethanolamide Foam Booster / Stabilizer
Coco Amide DEA Foam Booster/ Stabilizer
CAPB - Coco Amido Propyl Betaine
C.M.E.A. (Cocomonoethanolamide) Foam Booster/Stabilizer
I.P.M. (ISO Propyl Myristate) Penetrator + Emollient
I.P.P. (ISO Propyl Palmitate) Penetrator + Emollient
E.G.M.S. (Ethylene Glycol Mono Stearate) Pearly Agent
CCTG – Caprylic Capric Triglyceride High Performance Emollient
COSMOSIL - 10 Conditioner Conditioner-Hair Separator for Clear Shampoo
COSMOSIL – 30 Conditioner For Extra Moisturisation & Shine : Cyclic Silane based
COSMOSIL - 700 Conditioner-Silanes
COSMOSIL 1100 (100% Oil Based) Conditioner
POLYQUAT - 7 Conditioner
POLYQUAT - 10 - 50% [20/50/100/700] Conditioner
D - PANTHENOL Scalp Conditioner
ZPTO Anti-Dandruff
POLYSILK-700 Conditioner
Skin Whitening Agent Active for Skin Whitening Effect
Sulfate Free Shampoo Base Mild Shampoo Base Concentrate
SHAMPOO BASE Conc (Pearly/Clear) Ready to Use Concentrated Shampoo Base with added Conditioners. Can be diluted 1:1
Handwash Base Conc (Pearly/Clear) Ready to Use Concentrated Handwash Base with added Softeners. Can be diluted 1:1
Liquid Detergent High Conc Liquid Detergent
Body Wash Gel Moisturising Body Wash Gel
Bubble Foam Bath Liquid High Conc. Bubble Liquid
Preservative PRO-100 CS Eco-Friendly Preservative for Personal Care Products – New Generation.