Leather Chemicals

DCI Produces world Class Leather Chemicals & is associated with some of the Biggest Brands of the World. Leading Leather Chemicals Manufacturer in India, producing High Performance Products based on R&D & New Generation Technology.

DCI is well reknowned for its World Class Technology of Fat Liquors. Also produces wide range of Syntans, Wetting Degreasing Agents, Fibre Opening Derivatives, Finishing Lacquers, Binders, Fungicides.

DCI is one of the top Leather Chemical Exporter, Exporting to more than 26 countries across the globe & is working with leading Companies in India & abroad. DCI has invented White Fat Liquor for the First Time in the World

Product Description
SS108 Polymeric New Generation Fatliquor.
XSOFT 194 Polymeric Soft Fat Liquor for Lightweight & Soft Leathers.
DECIL US Unique Combination of Polymer Chemistry & Synthetic Softeners that gives excellent Lubrication & to the leather.
DECIL – 909 Fibre Relaxing Polymer based Fat-Liquor.
DECIL Whitening Fatliquor based on blend of Phospholipids, Fatty matters & Multicharge Softeners. Excellent for White Leathers.
EON WX Fibre Relaxing Polymeric Whitening Fatliquor with excellent Softness
DECIL 1019 Advance Whitening Fat with good Inner Lubrication
DECIL FS-300 Synthetic Odourless Fish Oil Fat Liquor
Decil S19 Synthetic Fatliquor with Excellent Softness Imparting Effect
SPYOL New Gen. Whitening Fat-Liquor based on Special Softeners.
DECIL S70 Economical Paraffin Wax & Sythetic Softeners based Synthetic Fat-Liquor with excellent Softness & Light Fastness
Decil L 260 Extremely efficient Lecithin based Fatliquoring Agent for upholstery and garment Leather
DECIL L-100 Lanolin containing fatliquoring agent for all kinds of leather
DECIL S-133 Universal Multi-charge Compact FatLiquor
DECIL X-30 Versatile Synthetic FatLiquor based on Sulphited Hydrocarbons & Paraffin Wax.
DECIL VF Vegetable Oil based Fat-Liquoring Agent for all kinds of Leather
DECIL SS Functional substitute of Sperm Oil
DECIL K-20 Speciality Fatliquor based on blend of sulphonated olefins,
DECIL DX-20 Yellowish brown liquid.
DECIL PRIME Fatliquor with extra softness and humectant effect
DECIL EURO A speciality Fatliquor Based of Synthetic Fatty matters & sulphated Oils.
DECITAN DLE Excellent White Replacement Syntan, Phenol condensate based
DECITAN DD New Generation Sulphone Syntan, helps achieving fullness, roundness and grain tightness and gives extra Whitness.
DECITAN D6 Melamine Based Resin Syntan, gives a well-filled, soft leather with good dyeing properties.
DECITAN DLB Dihydroxy Diphenyl Sulfone based New Gen Versatile Syntan – Formaldehyde Free. Excellent for lightweight White + Soft leathers.
DECITAN SP Low pH High-performance Acid Acrylic syntan
DECITAN AP-40 Acrylic Polymer
DEBIND-150 Very Soft Acrylic Binder
DEBIND D-300 Softfilm Binder
DEBIND D-100 Acrylic Resin Dispersion
DECIFEEL SILK Top Coat Shining
DECIWET HA Chrome Dispersing Agent
DESOFT C-100 for Universal Application
EON 100 High Conc. Degreasing Agent
DECIWET N Economical Wetting & Dispersing Agent
DECIWET DOS Wetting agent and detergent based on Sulphosuccinate.
DECIVEEN - XI Water Soluble Polyol used as a humectants in place of glycerine.
DECIVEEN SUPER Moisture Retainer.
DE-CIDE ABU-30 Preservative fungicide
DE-CIDE ABU-60 Preservative fungicide
DE-CIDE PRO-500 TCMTB Free fungicide